From Corridor of Crud to Innovation Gateway

Ok – let’s be honest. How many of you live for the thrill of traversing Fowler Avenue? Yes, I know that there are people who spend perfectly good money to travel to San Fermin, Spain to run with the bulls, but at least you can have a sangria afterward. To put it kindly, Fowler Avenue … Continued

Transportation and Teslas in the Tech Economy

Each year, in February, I attend the highly anticipated State of the Valley Conference in San Jose. The conference is hosted by joint Ventures Silicon Valley where thousands of attendees devour the latest of tech data measuring every conceivable indices of the present state and anticipated future of the tech economy. In 2016 cloud computing … Continued

TechHire meeting slated to talk about employment needs

Tampa business leaders are meeting to talk about employment needs Feb. 9 as part of the nationwide TechHire initiative focused on jobseekers 17 to 29. Among them is Mike Burnett, Regional Account Executive for Northern Technologies Group Inc., an IT solutions company in Lutz. NTG began operating a second facility in late January at Bears … Continued

The key to growing Tampa Bay’s economy

Perfect vision is 20/20, and 2020 can be the year Tampa Bay becomes a permanent top 10 metro area for economic growth. It just takes clear-eyed vision and unrelenting effort. We know the economy is changing, with new products, new means of production and new modes of service delivery affecting every facet of our lives. … Continued

Flyover Metros No More

Happy Holidays fellow travelers. A posting by a local paper in Milwaukee noted a recent study by Apartment List showing the Wisconsin metro as a top destination for the much-desired millennial workforce. There is no doubt that Milwaukee, much like Omaha and other ‘flyover metros’ are emerging destinations for these much sought after talent workers. … Continued

Carlton: Can the downtrodden USF area innovate? Believers already believe

Every city has its nominees for ugliest major street. Fowler Avenue is definitely a Tampa contender. It stretches wide and pedestrian-unfriendly, running east to west between the sprawling University of South Florida and car-clogged Interstate 275, a vista of fast-food joints, strip malls and pawnshops fronting bleary neighborhoods. It’s been this way as long as … Continued

Making Tampa a top destination for talent workers

Plutarch wrote that “an imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailments of all republics.” The purpose of the Tampa Innovation Alliance is to address this imbalance by transforming the University area from “perceived blight” to economic might. On October 26, The Tampa Innovation Alliance invited Richard Florida to speak to … Continued