🚨 Addressing a Silent Crisis: Subconcussive Trauma in Youth Sports 🚨

The Mac Parkman Foundation invites you to the “Summit on Subconcussive Trauma and Brain Health” on May 16-17 in Tampa, Florida. This pivotal event will illuminate the underrecognized issue of subconcussive trauma, which poses significant risks to our young athletes.

Join us as we bring together top U.S. neuroscientists, NFL players, policymakers, and families who have experienced the devastating impact of brain injuries. We aim to drive awareness, inspire change, and foster meaningful conversations around this critical public health issue.
Your presence and support at the summit are essential. We’d like to encourage you to share this event with your network to amplify our efforts to promote safer sports practices.

🔗 For details on the agenda speaker lineup and to confirm your participation, please visit https://subconcussivesummit.com/ Together, let’s protect the long-term health and well-being of our community.

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