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Just weeks ago the Tampa Innovation Alliance hosted a first of its kind, cutting edge, trend setting CodaPalooza at Crossover Church where we tackled the wicked problem of homelessness. On Saturday – our intrepid team of coders, hackers, problems solvers, USF students & more assembled to carry the fight forward. We hope to have a game plan ready to present to at our Innovation Gathering on October 26 when Richard Florida comes to visit Tampa’s emerging Innovation District.

This week I am attending a cool event in Denver Colorado see 10.10.10.net – which is a business accelerator created to bring entrepreneurs – 10 of them – & specialists together to tackle 10 big wicked problems in healthcare. For 10 days the best & brightest work non-stop to forge market-driven solutions to some of the most formidable problems in healthcare. One of the problems is homelessness – which we ourselves are working – and I hope we might find an opportunity for future collaboration.

I have also had the opportunity to visit the Fitzsimon Innovation Campus – which abuts Colorado University Denver – where the 10.10.10 teams have been meeting & where I’ve had the opportunity to watch high-level creative problem solving at work first hand. What jumps out is clear – solving problems requires confidence, competence, but most of all, it demands a culture which is open & inclusive. Humility & a willingness to listen to others and include them in the process beats hubris any day of the week. Few things are more debilitating to a collaborative work environment than arrogance or walls which keep people out.

My Byte today is short. We must work diligently to allow people into the process and eschew the tendency to look down our nose at those trying to engage. Often its that person you think least capable of providing value that has the most salient observation which can turn mush into a masterpiece. So when you are working a problem and people seek to engage – tear down that wall – open those doors – and welcome them with open arms.

I’ll be reporting more on 10.10.10.net at the end of the week. Stay tuned – Mark

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