As a follow-up to the August 27th Real Estate 2.0 Event, we hosted an on-line conversation about the Fowler Avenue Innovation Gateway on September 16th. Approximately 25 people participated and the framework of the conversation was based on the responses to a survey regarding the corridor.

Click on the links below to view summaries of the conversations participants had regarding each one:

  • To what extent do you agree: “The segment of Fowler Avenue between I-275 and 30th Street North looks like a gateway to a world-class Innovation District where cutting-edge advances are being made in medicine, science, and technology.” View discussion
  • To what extent do you agree or disagree: ” Fowler Avenue needs a more cohesive plan for zoning, land-use, and appearance in order for business to thrive and property to achieve its best value.” View discussion
  • Summary of discussions regarding factors affecting Fowler Avenue’s representation of the Innovation District, including crime prevention, vehicular traffic flow and safety, pedestrian and bicycle conditions, physical appearance of buildings and signage, public transportation options, affordable housing options, visible branding through signage and public art, and public spaces and events. View discussion