This Fall update – delivered in the form of Sharpe Bytes –  is intended to be as unconventional & innovative as our 4th Annual Innovation Gathering held on September 13 at the USF Research Park.  
Dr. Judy Genshaft 13SEP Tampa !p “Innovation Gathering” USF Research Park
First, a little history:
In 2010, USF President Dr. Judy Genshaft presented a vision in her Fall Address to the USF System for the creation of a “university city” that would draw a diverse population of designers, creators, and innovators to the USF area.  “We want a place where people from around Tampa Bay want to come and  the lights never turn off.”In 2011, USF would join Moffitt Cancer, Florida Hospital and Busch Gardens to anchor the creation of a 501c6 that would be called the Tampa Innovation Alliance – the precursor to Tampa !p.

The doors to this Alliance would open in January of 2015 and quickly the organization would grow from 4 Anchors to over 230 members & 6 Anchors. In 2016 The University Mall would formally join the Alliance as an Anchor followed by the James Haley VA Hospital in 2018.

Very quickly our organization would host a series of Innovation Gatherings where world-renowned keynote speakers, like the Brookings Institute’s Bruce Katz and Richard Florida, author of The Creative Class, could mix with attendees / civic leaders / politicians / rabble rousers … to help shape our own version of an innovation district within a stone’s throw of our Anchors.

Enough History Let’s Turn Some Dirt: 
The vision illuminated in 2010 by Dr. Genshaft is now becoming reality.

In 2017 Tampa !p – short for Tampa Innovation Partnership – would announce $1.5 billion in planned new developments within our emerging Innovation District:

83 Degrees Media attended IG18 and wrote a brilliant piece which we encourage you to read.

Reported 83 Degrees Media:
“At the gathering, !p Executive Director Mark Sharpe recapped progress in the area, including a $1 billion transformation of University Mall, expansions at area hospitals and the upcoming addition of Florida’s tallest launch coaster, Tigris, coming to Busch Gardens in 2019.

The mall is being transitioned into a multi-use facility to include not only retail but entertainment, hospitality, education, medical, office and residential.

Florida Hospital, which will adopt the name AdventHealth January 2, has a $256 million expansion in the works which is targeted for completion in summer 2021. Its new, six-story Surgical and Patient Care Tower is expected to bring 117 new clinical jobs initially and 587 jobs by year 5, hospital officials say.

James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital broke ground July 31 on its new $148.6 million Bed Tower project, a four-story building to add 96 medical-surgical single-patient rooms and 40 intensive care unit beds.

He also noted USF opened up three new residence halls at The Village this fall. It provides housing for 1,100 students at Endeavor, Horizon and Pinnacle residence halls.”

Potential Unleashed – The Uptowner: 
We also announced plans to launch a $2.4 million dollar Circulator in collaboration with the Florida Department of Transportation District 7, Hillsborough County, and HART. This circulator- called “the Uptowner” – is the beginning of a process to bring people together with the institutions that anchor the University Area without the constraint of having to drive a car.

Our mission is to liberate our community from the constraints posed by limited parking, congested roads, and lengthy wait times at the valet station with a next-generation circulator that provides quick, safe, service throughout the University Area.

Celebrating Our Community – the University Area Community Impact Awards:

2018 Community Impact
Award Winners
Deputy Ashley Alverez
WellBuilt CEO
Jon Dengler
RD Management Chief Strategist
Chris Bowen
One of the highlights of the Innovation Gathering is the presentation of the Community Impact Awards. Special thanks to the UACDC – foot soldiers for positive social change in the University Area – for partnering with Tampa !p on this awards program. The awards were presented by Tommy Kyllonen, Lead Pastor of Crossover Church (winner’s of last year’s Creative Cooperation Community Impact Award).

This year’s Creative Cooperation Award went to Sheriff’s Deputy Ashley Alvarez, who has been working with Mort Elementary School to improve traffic and bicycle safety. The Community Catalyst Award was given to WellBuilt Bikes, represented by CEO Jon Dengler for helping to make reliable transportation attainable. The Corporate Changemaker Award was given to RD Management/CBRE Management, owner and operator of the University Mall — to become Uptown. Chris Bowen, Chief Development Strategist for RD Management, accepted the award.

Collision Point for Creativity
Our Innovation Gathering is meant to celebrate the rich diversity of the University area and enable the entire community to come together in a combustible conflagration of celebratory innovation. At IG18 there are no head tables or buffer zones between the people.

Tampa !p sparks genuine creativity every waking moment of each day. We work relentlessly to bring together the most respected builders and creators from across Tampa bay – linking airport directors with street activists, top researchers with artists, student body presidents with elected officials – in a mash of innovative fervor.

USF Student Body President, Moneer Kheireddine shakes it up with Temple Terrace City Council Member Cheri Donohue.
“There is no magic bullet in economic transformation. True transformation comes about when people across and within all sectors come together in genuine PARTNERSHIPS for the common good.” Greg Lindsay.
Urbanist Greg Lindsay – whom I first met at a Ford Mobility Conference in Silicon Valley in 2017 – keynoted the event and lit the room with a firehose of ideas. Greg Lindsay is the author of the book Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next.  His vision for creating a collaborative destination that attracts a rich tapestry of diverse innovators and creators dovetails neatly with Dr. Genshaft’s vision from 2010.

And so – we throw ourselves headlong into the belly of a worthy cause with an unshakable fervor committed to transforming the University Area into a place where rich and poor, young and old, established research scientist and garage innovator can come together as one to change the world.

Join Us. That’s my Byte for now –

Mark Sharpe
Chief Potential Officer