Good afternoon Alice, my intrepid co-traveler. Today I am in St Louis visiting the amazing Cortex @4240 – check it out now – I’ll wait. In fact, I am waiting right now. This might be a bit too big of a Byte – but my goodness this is a really cool co-working space.

First some history about @4240:

The newly renovated @4240 building is making use of the existing structure of the old Western Electric-Southwestern Bell Distribution building at the corner of Duncan and Boyle Avenues. It is one of three significant historic buildings that will see new life as part of Phase II of the CORTEX development. The CORTEX district, which is home to innovative life science companies and firms who support them, covers over 240 acres in central St. Louis City. @4240 joins the Cresent building at 4340 Duncan and the Brauer Supply building at 4260 Forest Park Avenue, which will be renovated as part of Phase II and includes some new construction, a pedestrian plaza and eventually a new MetroLink station.

I toured this building and the overall Cortex Innovation Community yesterday with representatives from Cortex, a 200-acre innovation hub and awesomely vibrant mixed use development project spearheaded by Washington University, St Louis University, BJC Healthcare, the University of Missouri & others – creating a booming place for people to have a live, work, play, learn lifestyle surrounded by diverse communities.

In fact, as I write this Byte I am sitting next to Marc Dangerfield – the Chief AWESOMIZER of EVNTUR – see marc@evntur – who is developing a top secret video depicting the impact of Cortex and its role in the transformation of St. Louis. Fellow travellers, if they can do this in the middle of the country in an empty warehouse district, we can certainly do this – and more – in our piece of the universe brimming with hospitals, research and academia!

Marc Dangerfield Cortex

I am in awe of this place and its story – wondering how we can build such a community in our own Innovation Alliance home. Construction is everywhere – indeed 6 new developments are taking place now – where building sounds greet you from early morning to late night.

There is more – much, much more. So grab a cup of coffee & get ready to see & learn. I intend to report what I see, fueled by serendipitous collisions of the creative, collaborative & inspired.

Go Forth –

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