On April 7, 1999, America’s oldest brewery purchased the Stroh’s brewery on North 30th Street in Tampa, and in the 20 years since, Yuengling has established itself as a valued corporate citizen of Tampa and a key institution in the Uptown area. In November, Yuengling celebrated those 20 years at its Tampa facility with a party at Busch Garden’s Gwazi Pavilion. A week later the Tampa City Council approved its application for a planned development that will add a hotel, conference room, restaurant, beer garden, and micro-brewery next to the existing facility.

“Since 1999, when we first began brewing Yuengling beer in our Tampa brewery, we have considered the Tampa community to be our second home,” Chief Administrative Officer Wendy Yuengling said. “Our vision for the Tampa campus project is to build upon our affinity for the community and to create a first-class destination that helps us to tell our unique, 190-year story of America’s oldest brewery. We look forward to giving consumers the opportunity to experience our rich history and enjoy our portfolio of beer brands, and are excited for the development of this project to continue.”


An early 3D model of the planned-development at the Yuengling brewery with the hotel at the top.

Advocates for innovation districts around the world often mention the importance of “collision points” or “collaboration zones” as crucial venues for fostering break-through ideas and innovation. At a Tampa City Council public hearing regarding the Yuengling planned-development in October, Tampa Innovation Partnership’s Eddie Burch described the project as one of those places.

“Placemaking is one of the five priority areas adopted by our Advisory Board and a pillar of any innovation district. The Yuengling development will be a convergence point and gathering place for the brilliant minds living, working, and studying in the Uptown area.”

Yuengling has shown its commitment to Tampa in a number of ways recently. In 2018 Yuengling purchased ten-year naming rights to the University of South Florida’s on-campus arena rechristening it the Yuengling Center. USF is also one of a handful of colleges where students are eligible for the Yuengling Women in Brewing Scholarship in partnership with the Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit that aims to empower and help women advance their careers in the beer industry. The scholarship grants funds to two women in the brewing industry to strengthen their technical knowledge and leadership skills. USF students are eligible for a scholarship amount of $5,000 through the Brewing Arts program. Yuengling is also sponsoring scholarship assistance for a veteran in the Brewing Arts program at USF.

Carlos Alfonso, Chief Executive Officer of Alfonso Architects, and Dave Casinelli, Chief Operating Officer of Yuengling, discuss the brewery’s planned development at Tampa !p’s 2019 Innovation Gathering.